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Random thoughts about WEAKNESS

In order to be better, one must also be aware of his weaknesses.

We should face our weaknesses because after all, it is a part of us.

We should not run away from it and instead face it.

We should admit it to ourselves; we should recognize it.

We have to determine it to be able to know how to deal with it.

Ignoring these weaknesses and suppressing them doesn’t really solve anything.

We can only solve a problem once we know what the problem is.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths; use it to your advantage.

Take it as a challenge and not as a burden.

Be creative; you can do something about it or maybe you can gain something from it

Don’t let it drag you down.

It is all about mindset.

(And yes, this is some sort of a pep talk to myself, but I do hope I made sense, haha)