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Why Blog

So, Why Blog?  I have no idea why other people blog or write or whatever. I also don’t know why SHOULD people blog.

But I guess for me, I started this blog for the following reasons:

1. To do something new. 

Well, technically, this is not something new to me as I already tried blogging before. But, that was ages ago, and I haven’t really wrote of this sort for quite a while; so at least for my lifestyle nowadays and daily routine, this is something new.

Sometimes our daily lives becomes so monotonous, predictable and boring, as your life becomes more and more of a routine. So it is healthy (in my opinion at least) to always try something new, whether it is blogging, writing, trying a different route to work, or whatever. It doesn’t matter if it is small or big. It is after all exciting to try something new. Yes, it may also be terrifying (and yes it terrifies me sometimes to write), but I guess for now I don’t care because i really want something that will spice up my life and break the routine. 

Lastly, I am convinced that there are much to gain and nothing to lose in trying out something new. It is an adventure where I may discover some new learning and realizations.

2. To practice my writing prowess and my English.

I am not sure if I have a talent in writing. I can say that I can write decent essays back in college or at least I believe I can because I got decent grades with those essays, but then again, the grade may be because of the whole thought of the essay and not the manner it was written. Also, I actually think that I may have problem(s) with grammar (I guess, the mere fact that i am unsure of my grammar means I have a problem with it), and I don’t think my vocabulary is that broad.

Hopefully in doing this blog, i’ll be able to improve in all of those mentioned above. After all, as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect, or at least it will make you better (I hope). It is always in trying (by trying, I mean really doing things done), and sometimes failing, that we really learn and improve.

3. To have a “trash can” slash outlet

Everyone needs an outlet somewhere you can channel or dump your emotions, rants, thoughts or whatever, even if those thoughts are actually nonsense. It is after all free. And I don’t care about responsible posting, blogging or whatever. On a second thought, I actually do care, but still I can write my rants here and maybe just save it in drafts – sometimes I just need to release things through writing them down, but I don’t really need it to be read by everyone.

Or it can also be a venue for EXPRESSION.

4. To have an online notepad of Ideas

If my memory serves me well, there is a quote that says we need to write down our ideas, or at least something like that. I actually spent some time searching that quote but I cannot really find it. But anyways, I do believe that whenever we have ideas, even those that seems silly, should be written write away, because we may easily forget those ideas. It is important because it may be the key to our success or the answer to our problems. And yes, we need to write down even the silly ones; sometimes the silly ideas turn out to be brilliant. Writing down ideas is good for brainstorming and in focusing on a certain topic; it helps the mind works. It can also serve as a reference for future use or for someone else’s benefits.

There is also a possibility that i added this item just to look intellectual or insightful( though I personally don’t want to think that this is the reason, so I’ll stick with the first one).

5. To start something and to discover

Somehow I am hoping that in writing, I’ll figure out something new for me or maybe a new talent.I am thinking that maybe by writing things and ideas I’ll find something I’m good at. But I guess that will just be a bonus, if that ever happens.

6. I Actually don’t know

Maybe, I just want to try this out, again, This can also be just a spur of the moment and just me being spontaneous. I may actually have no reasons at all, and I just made up the previous items just to rationalize why I’m blogging and so that I can have a decent first post.


Well, whatever! I may have other reasons or I may have no reasons at all. I can believe whatever I want to believe after all. But for now, I’d probably stick with what I mentioned above.