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LIFE PLAN: It is never too late

I am a work in progress – I am not “there” yet, but at least I have progress.

In the past few months I have been trying to manage my life. I decided that I’ll start to have a life plan for a change.

I never really had a plan or a goal whatsoever. I have always lived my life on a day to day basis. I’m the type that just gets by.

Maybe I do have some short term goals before, like finishing studies and passing the board exams. But after passing the boards, somehow I feel lost, because after that, I don’t seem to have any concrete goals anymore; no more exams to pass, or to get ready for. The feeling is like when your favorite series that you’ve watched for six years suddenly ends; it is like you have nothing to look forward to.

Sure I do have things I want to achieve, like getting rich, having my own architectural firm, or doing something else. But, those are just some aspirations, and I don’t really have a plan how to get all of those.

There are times that I did try to start to prepare or something, like saving up my money. But every once in a while I slip, and spend my savings to buy some shoes, to travel or whatever, thinking that I should be enjoying what I earn. I am really not good at having priorities and restraining my desires and sudden urges.

And then, some time at the beginning of this year I realized that what’s really wrong with me is that I don’t have a plan – a life plan. I need to have goals and I need to have direction. So I tried doing that for a change.

By that time, I don’t know how to do it, so I experimented at first and study how to do it.

First, I assessed myself.

Where am I right now? What did I achieved? What do I have?

It is now four years since I graduated, four years since I started working and two years since I had my license, but i don’t feel like I achieved something significant and somehow I still feel lost.

I guess it does help to be lost sometimes and feel down, so you’ll have more motivation to better yourself.

And then, I asked myself what I really want. I brainstormed

I started with loose ideas of what I want -> from small things to ambitious things.

What are my passions?

What excites me?

What am I good at?

Then I drafted my Life Goals

I organized the thoughts I gathered into short term and long term goals

I wrote it down and constantly add something to it

Then I asked myself how I’ll achieve those goals

I assessed myself again. What do I have to achieve these? What do I need to get what I want?

I reviewed my skill sets; my strengths and weaknesses

I educated myself. I attended seminars/talks, read books and a lot of other things.

I developed a financial plan to support my life goals.

I tried to learn to manage my time and other resources; look at possible opportunities and threats along the way.

At first, it is really exciting, and I was really passionate about it.

But, after a while though, I got distracted.

I tried a lot of things. Some worked. Some did not. Sometimes I still slip and not follow through, and then I do things all over again. But at least with every time I learn something.

It is a long process of trial and error.

Right now, I’m actually starting over again. And I tell myself that it is never too late to start over again. And I say to myself that nothing has been and will be wasted as long as I learned from the past experiences and failures and continuously learn along the way.

One reason also that I have this blog is to keep record of my progress. I have in my life plan saved in drafts, so I can look at it, edit and update it every now and then.

And now, looking at it, I know that I am still a work in progress. And though I am not ‘there’ yet, at least I know there is PROGRESS.

So, here I am again, starting over, telling (convincing) myself, that it is never too late.

All I need is to have  discipline and commitment to make this work.


Random thoughts about WEAKNESS

In order to be better, one must also be aware of his weaknesses.

We should face our weaknesses because after all, it is a part of us.

We should not run away from it and instead face it.

We should admit it to ourselves; we should recognize it.

We have to determine it to be able to know how to deal with it.

Ignoring these weaknesses and suppressing them doesn’t really solve anything.

We can only solve a problem once we know what the problem is.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths; use it to your advantage.

Take it as a challenge and not as a burden.

Be creative; you can do something about it or maybe you can gain something from it

Don’t let it drag you down.

It is all about mindset.

(And yes, this is some sort of a pep talk to myself, but I do hope I made sense, haha)